Ronald Lyle


Welcome to a wondrous new world. A world where every person on earth has enough food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare. A world where those who want more than the basics can have it. A world without taxes. A world without interest charges. A world without pollution. A world without wars. A world of love.

About the Author

My life, like most lives, has been interesting and challenging—challenging to the extreme on occasions.

Through it all I have learned a lot.

In the years after graduating from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with a BA in Economics and Business and obtaining my Chartered Accountancy designation, I started thinking about how the Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal tax collection systems could be simplified.

As the years rolled by and the tax systems compounded complexity with ever more complexity, while extracting continuously increasing amounts of money from the people and corporations, my hope for simplicity reached the point that I determined simplification was not achievable. Actually, every time governments announced they were simplifying taxes invariably it resulted in more complexity.

The conclusion I reached was that there must be a better way of obtaining the funds needed to provide the services people desired and required.

Facilitism’s funding methodology evolved. Not only is it simple to understand and apply, it entirely eliminates taxes while providing ample funds to meet all of the people’s needs as determined by the people.

No longer does the excuse of not having enough money to do what the people want have any bearing on what can be accomplished.

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